Martec Insulation Ltd. has developed a culture of safety with all of our employees through the development of our industry leading occupational health and safety management system. Through our safety culture, programs and training, this ensures our employees, clients and fellow workers that Martec Insulation Ltd. puts safety as our first priority. 

Certificate of Recognition

 Martec Insulation Ltd. has achieved a Certificate of Recognition from the Government of Alberta. Our safety program is recognized as a model for effectiveness in accident prevention and protecting the health, safety, and well-being of our most important resource, our people.  Employees adhere to safe-work practices and procedures that are outlined in our safety manual. We have a hired safety consultant team that our crews can call any time with questions or problems that arise 24/7.

Employees must adhere to safe work practices outlined in our company safety manual.  Protecting the health, safety, and well being of all employees is the goal of Martec Insulation Ltd. rigidly enforced safety policies.

Martec Insulation Ltd. currently has the following safety certificates:

Certificate of Recognition (COR) No. 20150318-9439