Mechanical Pipe Insulation

Martec Insulation Ltd. works with companies such as power plants, oil and gas refineries, oilfield storage tank facilities, manufacturing buildings, food processing plants, waste water and water treatment plants and petrol/agricultural manufacturing. Mechanical Systems include piping, boilers, HVAC systems and ducts. Mechanical Pipe insulation is commonly installed in industrial and commercial facilities.


Mechanical Equipment Insulation

Mechanical Insulation is used to cover pipes, ducts, tanks and equipment in commercial and industrial environments or where industrial application of insulation particular to the design is required. At Martec Insulation Ltd. we set the standard for quality insulation of mechanical equipment. From food processing plants to oilfield installations, we can do it all and more! “Quality Insulation Done Right” We have one of the best reputations for service, knowledge and experience to serve your commercial, agricultural, industrial and large scale projects. Our experience is your success; we have been in business for over 20 years.


Tanks and Vessels

Martec Insulation Ltd. specializes in storage tanks and vessels, oilfield buildings. There are numerous ways to insulate tanks/vessels and a wide selection of specialized material available to our customers to accommodate whatever your tank and vessel needs may be. Polyurethane tank panels with an R-12 and above value are one method that can be used; another known method is using insulation and metal jacketing.

Martec Insulation Ltd. has many forms of Insulation that can be used depending on what our customers’ needs are, materials such as Fiberglass, Calcium Silicate, Mineral Wool and Urethane. Customers choosing the metal jacket application may require certain textures on their metal such as smooth, Stucco Embossed or Corrugated. 


Utilidor and Oilfield Structures

Martec Insulation Ltd. builds custom designed high quality utilidor buildings using polyurethane foam insulated panels, which are designed for insulating a group of piping all together rather than insulating each line separately. Less material is needed in this application therefore sometimes it is the most cost effective way to protect from heat loss and improve energy efficiency.

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